Couponing…..the crazyiness I just learned of!

I love coupons!……I will say it again, I love coupons!


I have been using coupons for so many years. Way, way, way before that stupid show on TLC aired: Extreme Couponing.


I recently found out about the new Walmart coupon policy changes. They went into effect September 1, 2012. At first it really “torqued my jaw”, “ticked me off” and just all around irradiated the crap out of me! I have had “issues” with Walmart a few times in the past. Once I was treated like a thief  by one of the managers. She really pissed me off – and I was NEVER rude; I wanted to be – but where would that have gotten me? I was using my coupons correctly. I was not doing anything wrong. But she treated me as if I was……Anyway, on to the reason for this post.

After reading an interesting post from :

I was blown away by the information, I was completely shocked. I then went to and read more:

What a thieving witch this woman is! Thank you Jaime Kirlew! Because of thieves like you, I get treated like a thief…..thanks! Here I am trying to save my family a little money by clipping coupons, and using them in the manner I am supposed to – and you go ripping stores off so they don’t trust any of us! You are giving couponers a bad name. I honestly hope they have pursued charges against you. You know what you are doing is wrong. I can’t believe you had the nerve to blame it on a company you supposedly learned it from. And just because they said to do it, you did! And you actually think it’s fine. Come on woman! you are a mom, haven’t you ever heard or used the: “and if all of your friends jumped off a bridge, are you gunna do it too?”  What the heck were you thinking woman? That is a great example to show your kids. One day your kids will Goggle your name. How embarrassing!


By now, I am guessing y’all have clicked on the links above and know where I am coming from. I had NEVER heard of this type of fraud before. Maybe y’all already have, I don’t know. But I wanted to help spread the word a bit.


I kinda understand why Walmarts are such jerks to the couponing community. They have been getting ripped off. The part that still gets me is: they know that the fraud is NOT the norm, but they treat us all as the crooks. Which is really bad business. And with the new policy changes – it’s going to be very difficult to use legit coupons. Because if the computer does not scan the coupon correctly ON THE FLATBED scanner….they will refuse it! They are not allowed to use the hand held scanner for the coupons. At least before all of this mess – they used to manually put the coupon in and then it would take. Now they will not do that any more. Why does that tick-me-off? Because every single time I go to Walmart….it doesn’t matter if I use one or twenty coupons; there are ALWAYS some that won’t scan. And they ARE legit COUPONS! But Walmart does not care!

I take great pride in the way I “get” my printed coupons. I ONLY go to the reputable sites to print from. I have never “copied” coupons to have more than the allowed amount. I have ALWAYS practiced proper couponing. I just wish everyone did the same.


So my friends – have I ticked-you-off too?    ~smh~


Sorry.    :0)

Blessings All, till next time.




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