TOS Review: Heritage History

This review….was an easy review. This one is on history. History is MY favorite subject!! When I went to school it wasn’t; I had no favorite. ~smile~


We at the Crew were sent a “Heritage Classical Curriculum CD.”

We were able to pick the CD we wanted to review. (loved that!!!)


Each Curriculum CD includes biographies, legends, hero stories, and historical literature as well as comprehensive histories. In addition to books, study aids, including timelines, historical maps, and era summaries are provided in printable format.


I was sent…..


British Middle Ages
The British Middle Ages collection features books that cover the 5th through 17th centuries in Europe and the British Isles. Topics include barbarian invasions, Christian conversion, feudalism, medieval war-craft, church-state conflicts, and the Reformation, all covered with a special focus on British history.
Includes 55 books, 60+ maps, teaching aids, and a Study Guide


British Middle Ages: $24.99


Do I like it?…yes! This is something I can see us using for many years to come!…and it doesn’t take up much space. ~smile~ History is awesome.


Also their entire 5 volume set ,The World History Collection, is available for $99.99, a savings of $25 if bought individually. 



Alrighty now, go to the Heritage History website….grab a cup of coffee first, or tea- whatever your thang is!Then go look around. They have so much to look into buying!!!! Click can HERE!

And as always my wonderful friends, go see what my Mates thought about what they reviewed…..remember – we all asked for which CD we wanted to review! Just click HERE.

Disclaimer Alert”

And –I received my Heritage History CD in exchange for my honest opinion and review/blog post. And nothing else …, zilch, nada, and what-ever else, yadda-yadda ~smile~


My writing/work/blog post is copyright protected ©

Blessings my friends, till next time….



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