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I remember trying to learn my math facts……I hated them…….did you read that?…I said I hated them!! Well it turns out —> my son hated them too! But honestly with lots of work…anyone can learn them!…It’s not rocket science!


This time with the TOS Crew I was able to review “CapJaxMathFax.”



Starting at: $29.95

The evaluation package demonstrates the full potential of CapJaxMathFax and how it works. If you’ve reviewed it and decided to purchase your “Home Use” license, then thanks and best of luck to your learners. You’ve made a good decision and you’re going to like the results.

If you have not yet downloaded the CapJaxMathFax™ Evaluation Program you can do it for free at any time.


Check List from their website…

Does the program address the full range of computation from addition to division?

Does the program address computation with negative as well as positive values?

Will my student clearly understand the objectives of the program?

Is there positive feedback for my student to enjoy working with the program?

Is feedback immediate?

Does the program allow me to monitor my student’s performance over time?

Will the program work at my student’s best pace for learning?

Will my student succeed at a rate that is challenging, but not frustrating?

Does the program allow time for my student to reflect on his or her work?

Does the program use timing in a way that that minimizes pressure?

Does the program provide printed reports of my student’s success?

Does the program provide graphical reports of success and progress?


I was glad to review this…..I know how important it is to find a good program, curriculum, or whatever!…ya know?


So any-who….my experience with this was….well at first, my first impression at the download was = it is an old system. Once I got is “up and going”….it was very basic. My son didn’t like it. But we are very advanced computer nerds…….well we aren’t but dad is. So that means we are introduced to the “latest and greatest” …but not always!!….And my son plays the PSP3…that alone is cool! This was just too plain for our taste. Yeah…it can do the job…but my son would think it’s torture to use it!….sorry CapJax. But ya know, I was thinking…….This may work great for the ones who don’t like the bells and whistles :-) Some kids get REALLY distracted by them. So a more back to basic program might be just what you have been searching for.


And as always my wonderful friends, go see what my Mates thought. Just click HERE.


Disclaimer Alert”

And remember –I received CapJaxMathFax in exchange for my honest opinion and review/blog post. And nothing else …, zilch, nada, and what-ever else, yadda-yadda ~smile~


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Blessings my friends, till next time….

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