Amazing Science……….


Today’s review is “Amazing Science”……..OMG! I love, love, love Science!…do you? Does your kids?


We at the Crew was sent a 2 DVD set Volume 1 Amazing Science. This set is from They have so much to see ….. go look around and check them out.

Here is what they say “Here at, we believe that Math is a tool to explore our world.  We also believe that all
people, young or old, are fascinated by Science. Our aim is to bring you the very best Science and Math
videos to tickle your curiousity and entice you to want to learn more about the world around you!”  



2 DVD set Volume 1 Amazing Science $19.99


2 DVD Set!

  • 23 Experiments!
  • Easy to Perform and Learn From!
  • Multiple Cameras!
  • Explanations of Every Concept!
  • Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Chemistry, Physics, & More!


I thought the DVD experiments we interesting and simple enough for your kids to do on their own!…..ya know I also thought it was kinda like watching magic tricks sometimes ~giggle~ Some of them where … “so cool!!!”


Please go see what the other Crew Mates thought, just click HERE for that!



Disclaimer Alert”

And remember –I received Amazing Science in exchange for my honest opinion and review/blog post. And nothing else …, zilch, nada, and what-ever else, yadda-yadda ~smile~


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Blessings my friends, till next time….


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