TruthQuest History


TruthQuest History


We at the Crew were able to pick what we wanted to review from this company. Thank You TruthQuest History!! It’s always so nice to pick what can work with your child or children for the review.


I was able to review “Ancient Greece”. This can be used for grades 5-12. Most homeschoolers have used or have at- least seen or heard of TruthQuest History, but for those of you who do NOT know about it I will explain….


TruthQuest History is a series of eleven volumes that serve as guides for a “real books” approach to history. Each guide is divided into chronologically-organized topical sections. Michelle Miller, the author- introduces each of these topics with background information written in a lively, informal, and conversational style.

You read a bit of background information then move to your “spine” resource. You are given many different options you can use for your “spine” – example:


~ This Country of Ours, by H.E. Marshall

~ Greenleaf’s Famous Men of Greece, by Shearers

~ Island Story, by H.E. Marshall

~ Story of the World—Volume 1, by Susan Wise Bauer


Code: GRE
Price: $24.95
PDF Price: $19.95


The website suggests…


When beginning a topic, first read the TruthQuest Historycommentary, and then have the students read one or two living books on the topic. Ideally, the parent reads aloud the commentary so he/she is aware of the deep lessons the student is learning. Many older students, though, read the commentary themselves. As for the living books the student will read to supplement the commentary, they are a great joy! We’ve gone to great effort to highlight the best books available. The student will then either write about or discuss the ThinkWrite™ assignments as instructed in the guide, and the parent can see if the student has hit upon the key truths by checking the sample answers in the guide’s appendix. Read and talk! Read, talk, and occasionally write! Add in, as desired, notebooking, timelines, lapbooks, maps, cooking, dress-up plays, models, etc Fun! Natural fun!!”


Don’t they make it sound like fun?? Well it really can be. I enjoy History, so to me this fun. I really like this kind of curriculum. Go to their website look around, check out the different volumes they have to offer. Just click HERE.


Now don’t forget y’all, go HERE and check out what the other Crew Mates had to review. REMEMBER – We didn’t receive the same item!!


“Disclaimer Alert”

And remember –I received TruthQuest History in exchange for my honest opinion and review/blog post. And nothing else …, zilch, nada, and what-ever else, yadda-yadda ~smile~

My writing/work/blog post is copyright protected ©

Blessings my friends, till next time….


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