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Celestial Almanack, Vol. 1, No. 2 – February, 2012


Okay, first let me say for this review I may be a bit bias. The reason I say this is because……my family LOVES any and all things heaven and stares related! Let me put it this way….in the fourth grade Drew took an on-line Astronomy course and he passed it with “flying colors!” The class was aimed at high-school students. (yes, I am such the proud momma) :-)

Okay: back to “The Classical Astronomy Celestial Almanack”, Vol.1, No. 2 – February, 2012. This is by the publishers Fourth Day Press. We (TOS Review Crew) received this from currclick.com as a e-book (download). The cost is $3.00….seriously..that’s it!! Awesome huh? (smiling here from ear to ear) Such a good bargain!

This e-book is 22 pages. I printed 19. The first page is the full blue cover page; I didn’t want that. Page 2 has a great black and white cover page…..yeah….I was being ink cheap! Then the last two pages 21 and 22 are advertisements; I didn’t want those either. The 19 pages in between are AWESOME!!!! The pages are packed with information. There are pictures throughout the book you are going to want printed in color;black and white will not do them justice……that’s my opinion….everyone has one! (smile) Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised in the amount of information I would get for $3.00…..for that amount I didn’t think I would get much; isn’t that sad. That is what society has taught me to expect…..but Fourth Day Press is a breath of fresh air, thanks.

Here’s a quote from Currclick explaining the ebook….

* The Sun is moving higher in the noon sky, and rises and sets farther to the north, and how this relates to the days growing longer;

* The constellation Orion dominates the evening skies. Find Orion and his neighboring constellations, and how Orion can be used as a starting point for finding 35 constellations!

* Wow! Jupiter and Venus are drawing closer this month, approaching a spectacular conjunction in March! What an amazing sight!

* Mars and Saturn are visible earlier in the night, and are well placed before midnight;

* Discover these planets and also many bright stars on the evenings when they line up with the Moon;

This was one review my son was all-to-happy to join in on! But I can’t say I blame’m. ~smile~ If you are a science-nerd-geek: like the wannabe’s we are – then this is right up your ally. :-)

Lately we have not been observing the night sky’s like we used to. But getting this little e-book has reignited a spark. And the bit of cool weather gives us a “hankering” to get out there to some dark deserted area where there is NO “light pollution” and pull out our trusty telescope and do some some serious gazing!! until then, we can go in the back yard, lay on our backs and watch satellites fly over. ~smile~

Okay Y’all, go over to the Currclick and get ya a copy of this Almanack and get the next one too! Also go click HERE and see what the other Crew Mates thought about the review. This time we were sent the same thing.

And remember –I received this download in exchange for my honest opinion and review/blog post. And nothing else …..zip, zilch, nada, and what-ever else, yadda-yadda ~smile~

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Blessings my friends, till next time….



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