TOS Review: Artistic Pursuits


What!?! – y’all want me to review the Artistic Pursuits curriculum? … well? I guess I can; whatever!!
When I was given the opportunity to review this curriculum- I was “all over it”!! I don’t know any homeschooling family that does not want to at least try this out, seriously! The TOS Crew was able to review for Artistic Pursuits before but I was not asked to do the review (sniff sniff). Just because we are on the Crew doesn’t mean we get every single review item.


I was sent the Senior High Book Two

Color And Composition $42.95

I truly enjoyed “playing”with this! That’s what it felt like … playing! We had so much fun. The lessons are easy enough to follow but challenging and keep you engaged and thinking. And you don’t need an elaborate amount of supplies to accomplish the lessons either. I already had almost everything I needed, except for one item – I had to go buy a jar of liquid masking fluid. The book said I could have subbed rubber cement but I didn’t want to sub anything! :-) Now I am not the norm when it comes to having supplies on hand … I have a VERY well stocked art/craft/sewing/scrapbooking/you-name-it-I-got-room. One day, I will blog about it and show y’all. :-)

You need to go to this page and read about their curriculum. This will explain how it works. And it is explained very well!!I could cut and paste all of their info onto my blog but I really want you to go to their blog and see what I mean.


Art is one of the classes we as homeschool parents “let fall by the way side”, this is one way to stop that!! This is a easy way for us to stop it!!And our children get a wonderful learning experience in the process…seriously people.

Please go over to their website and look around – see what all they have! Click HERE!


Also go see what my other mates think about what they were sent – we were not all sent the same thing!! Just Click HERE!


And remember –I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion and review/blog post. And nothing else …, zilch, nada, and what-ever else, yadda-yadda ~smile~



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Blessings my friends, till next time….






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